Once upon a wedding there was a young bride.

She went on a walk to find the perfect videographer. Pretty soon, she came upon a cul-de-sac. In the cul-de-sac were three houses, where three videographers lived.

The first videographer was a little old lady whose bones shook as she walked. The young bride loved the low prices, as well as the extra add-ons that came with her service. However, the young bride could not get over the fact that all her videos were very shaky and unfocused. So she walked over to the second house.

The second videographer was a short fat man with a monocle over his right eye. The young bride was offered more then she could have ever dreamed of having. Including 3 helicopters with cameras, a 20-person film crew, and the most extravagant add-ons she could ask for. However, the young bride passed out when she saw the price for the second videographer.

She woke up next to a cozy fire with a blanket, a pillow, and hot chocolate by her side. The third videographer was actually a young couple who noticed the young bride had been struggling to find the perfect videographer for her wedding. They took her in to their home and made her feel comfortable. The young bride loved the kind hearts of the couple. After the three talked for a short time the bride asked the couple if they would be her videographers for her wedding. The couple said that they would be honored, and offered her different video packages and bundles that she could choose from. All of which were reasonably priced, had great add-ons, and great quality overall.


The wedding came and the bride was able to relive her memories happily ever after.